As a collaborating writer, Emily Adams has been privileged to work with authors who have decades of experience and deep knowledge in their subject areas. Healthcare reform, daily management systems, and leadership in the midst of radical change are all subjects she has explored in the course of writing nine books. Six of these books so far have won the national Shingo Prize for Research.

Being a collaborating writer—or ghostwriter in the vernacular—is, in many ways, a continuation of Emily's earlier role as a journalist. She interviews people, collects their stories, gathers supporting information, and writes what she has learned. Only now, she works within the particular voice and point-of-view of the author.

In most cases, publishers commission the books Emily writes. Most of those books so far have focused on the role of lean thinking in the author’s story and have been published by leading lean organizations.

As an editorial consultant, Emily has also helped companies plan for creating and maintaining a stronger position in the marketplace of ideas.

In the past eight years I have edited or published seven books ghostwritten by Emily Adams and saw her transform manuscripts into highly readable books in a matter of months. She can distill an author's experiences into compelling stories and illuminate big themes in ways that engage the reader.

James P. Womack, founder of the Lean Enterprise Institute

My third book with Emily Adams is the best yet. She helped me extensively explore very sophisticated management concepts. The result is an elegantly written, fast moving, example-filled book charting organizational transformation. Working with Emily is a pleasure and a privilege.

As a new author I had a story to tell, but no idea how to present it. Emily's manner, perceptive insights and process encouraged my creativity while she clearly framed the manuscript. She improved every story, and engaged the reader in our journey. Emily brought my words and thoughts to life and improved every aspect of this work.